Maintaining our aircraft is a top priority with Makani Kai Helicopters. We select only the most intelligent, dedicated and experienced technicians to work on our aircraft, and then provide them with the best tools and the latest equipment to do the job right. The maintenance facility is a pristine, well-lighted and comfortable place to work, set up exactly how the technicians prescribe.

Where other may see maintenance as a necessary evil, we see it as an opportunity to go the extra step. We spare no expense to ensure that things are done right. You are invited to check out our facilities and talk to our technicians to gather your own conclusions. One thing is certain: at Makani Kai, maintenance is a worthy and noble endeavor.




Makani Kai Helicopters is a recipient of the coveted Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Certificate of Excellence Diamond Award for maintenance excellence. The award program was designed to encourage aviation maintenance employees and employers to comprehensively pursue maintenance training and education. The Diamond Award is the highest award granted by the FAA for aviation maintenance technicians.