Passenger Weights
Passengers in excess of 250 pounds may be charged an additional fee equal to one- half the tour cost. This fee is non-commissionable. Passengers weighing more than 300 pounds will be charged for an additional seat. This fee is commissionable. Any two passengers from the same reservation whose combined weight exceeds 430 pounds may be required to purchase a comfort seat. Limits are determined on a per flight basis. Weight restrictions are relaxed on the Doors Off tour: if your party is heavy, please inquire about the weight limits on our Doors Off tours.

Assisted Passengers
A portable lifting device is available for those customers needing special assistance. Please advise us in advance of any special requirements.

Children 23 months or younger may fly at no charge and must sit on adult’s lap. Please provide the child’s weight at the time of booking. Children two years of age and older must occupy a seat with seat belt according to FAA regulations.

Reservation Cancellations
There is a 48-hour advance notification required for cancellation of your reservation.

Routes and Flight Times
Due to variable weather, we do not fly specific routes on our tours. Flight times are estimates and may vary due to air traffic in and around the Honolulu International Airport as well as weather.

Flight Video
A DVD of your actual flight narrated by your pilot is available for $40 on our Eurocopter A-Star tours. International DVDs are $50. Although our DVD recording success rate is 99.9%, we cannot guarantee perfect recordings every flight due to the vagaries of modern electronics. DVDs are unavailable on our Doors Off tours.

Bring your camera with lots of disk space and wear a dark colored clothing to reduce glare on the Plexiglas windows.

Doors Off
If you're flying on the Doors Off tour, please wear a sweater or light jacket as it tends to get cold at altitude. Also, wear shoes. Flip-flops are not acceptable. Sunglasses or other forms of eye protection are recommended and, if you have long hair, tie it back. Cameras must have a wrist strap; we provide pouches and lanyards for your cell phone. GoPro sticks are limited to six inches.

Tours can be narrated in Japanese. Please notify us in advance with any special requirements.

Flight Times
Our tours fly from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. seven days a week. We’re closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day.