What We Fly
Our fleet includes the incomparable nine-passenger Cessna Grand Caravan and the venerable nine-passenger Piper Chieftain, both aircraft with great credentials and strong safety records.

Cessna Grand Caravan

The Cessna 208 Caravan is a single turboprop engine, fixed-gear short-haul regional airliner and utility aircraft built in the United States. The airplane seats nine passengers, with a single pilot. Charters after sunset require a crew of two. The Caravan has had a close association with FedEx, on whose request Cessna especially developed two pure freight versions. The 208B Grand Caravan first flew in 1990 and is a stretched version of the basic Caravan. Makani Kai’s Caravans are fitted with underbelly cargo pods, greatly increasing the utility of these workhorses.

Piper Chieftain

The Chieftain is a cabin-class, twin-engine aircraft designed and built by Piper Aircraft for the general aviation market, using Lycoming engines. The Chieftain began development in the mid-1960s for small-scale cargo and feeder liner operations and the corporate market. Its reliability and solid flying characteristics made the aircraft a huge success and it continues to prove a popular choice to this day.

The Ultimate in Convenience

Our private aircraft charters offer you the comfort and convenience of on-demand service combined with the safety and peace of mind you get with an FAA Part 135 Air Carrier. Our aircraft can carry you to any airport in the islands, at your convenience and on your schedule. We focus on your needs and expectations while providing you with consistently excellent flight experiences.

Travel on Your Own Schedule

Enjoy the freedom to fly wherever and whenever you want to go. You control your schedule and travel at your leisure. There are no airport security lines and baggage claim procedures to worry about, no need to remove your shoes or be scanned, no reason to have your luggage searched and personal items confiscated. Bring as much shampoo as you want. Whether for business or personal travel, flying privately enables you to make the most of your time. Makani Kai is the smart choice for personal and business travel.

Simplicity and Flexibility

We make your travel planning easy with just one phone call. Our exclusive concierge service will ensure your travels are comfortably personalized and luxurious. We are at attention 24 hours a day in order to attend to your needs and help plan every detail of your air travel itinerary. Customer comfort is our top priority.

Truly luxurious travel is carefree travel, with a sense of ease and plenty of pampering. We’ve been in Hawaii for decades and have earned a reputation second to none.

Makani Kai is Pet Friendly

Makani Kai Air welcomes pets. When you charter an aircraft from Makani Kai, your pets are treated as passengers, not cargo. Your best friend can fly in the cabin right next to you. With exceptional cases, a handling or cleaning fee may be applied.

Where we fly

We are happy to take you wherever you want to go, from Hilo to Hanalei. We can recommend the fastest or most scenic routes. We are the only air charter service with permission to land at the Princeville Airport on the island of Kauai.