Eurocopter AS350



Meet the Eurocopter jet turbine, six passenger AS350. The low vibration and exceptional visibility of the A-Star allow passengers to relax and enjoy a comfortable ride with a spectacular view. These aircraft were designed expressly for touring, with a spacious, wide open, air-conditioned cabin, Bose noise canceling headsets, two-way communication between passengers and pilot, extra windows for premium viewing, and a DVD recording system to provide a memorable souvenir of the customer’s Oahu helicopter tour.

This proven, technologically advanced helicopter has carried hundreds of thousands of tourists, business people and VIP’s all over the world in optimal safety.

The aircraft we fly have been upgraded with the more powerful and fuel efficient Honeywell LTS 101 600A3-A American engine. Other improvements made in the aircraft are significant enough to give the helicopters a new designation, FX-1.

Among numerous other improvements, aircraft features now include:
- A simplified electrical system with environmentally sealed connections that eliminates corrosion.
- An exceptionally reliable electroluminescent instrument lighting system.
- Digital LCD power plant instruments providing clear, unmistakable indications.
- An enlarged tail rotor and tail boom strake providing increased tail rotor authority.


350FX1 STC 

Honeywell LTS101

Powerplant Rating
650 shaft horsepower

Gross Weight
5200 lbs

Empty Weight
2750 lbs

Useful Load
2210 lbs

Maximum Altitude
16,000 feet

Maximum Speed
179 mph

Cruising Speed
130 mph

Fuel Consumption
38 gallons per hour


Seating capacity
5 total

30.81 ft (9.4 m)

Rotor diameter
26.4 ft (8.1 m)

8.4 ft (2.6 m)

Disc area
586.8 ft² (54.5 m²)

Empty weight
1,481 lb (672 kg)

Max. takeoff weight
3,000 lb (1,361 kg)

Allison 250-C20B Turboshaft, 420 hp (313 kW)

Maximum speed
175 mph (152 knots, 282 km/h)

Cruise speed
155 mph (135 knots, 250 km/h)

267 mi (429 km)

Service ceiling
16,000 ft (4,877 m)

Rate of climb
1,770 ft/min (9 m/s)