October 10, 2012 

HONOLULU – Makani Kai Helicopters celebrated a gathering of America’s Medal of Honor recipients by gifting them with free aerial tours of Oahu. The recipients were in Hawaii for their annual convention in October. In all, a dozen Medal of Honor recipients flew tours, along with 17 of their immediate family members.

“These are straight-forward, down to earth people who also just happen to be real American heroes,” said Makani Kai president Richard Schuman. “It was both an honor and a privilege to meet these individuals and to hear their stories. Their acts of bravery are the epitome of sacrifice and selflessness.”

Schuman adds that his offer of free helicopter tours stands for any and all Medal of Honor recipients, plus a spouse or immediate family member.

“Giving the free tours is a small gesture compared with what these fine members of our military gave for this country.”

Medal of Honor recipients carried by Makani Kai: 

  • Harvey “Barney” Barnum, U.S. Marine Corps
  • Gary Beikirch, U.S. Army
  • Sammy Davis, U.S. Army
  • Roger Donlon, U.S. Army
  • Salvatore Giunta, U.S. Army
  • Robert Ingram, U.S. Navy
  • Gary Littrell, U.S. Army
  • Robert Maxwell, U.S. Army
  • Walter Marm, Jr., U.S. Army
  • Thomas Norris, U.S. Navy
  • Robert O’Malley, U.S. Marine Corps
  • Jay Vargas, U.S. Marine Corps

From left to right: Emily Simone, MOH recipient Harvey "Barney" Barnum, U.S. Marine Corps, Makani Kai owner Richard Schuman, MOH recipient Gary Littrell, U.S. Army, Martha Hill.

Medal of Honor recipients Robert Maxwell (l) and Sammy Davis (r) flank Makani Kai owner Richard Schuman.

Medal of Honor recipients Bob Ingram (left) and Roger Donlan check out the helo prior to their tour.

Left photo: Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Gary Beikirch, left, flashes the shaka prior to his helicopter tour, piloted by Jeff Protacio. Right photo: Medal of Honor recipient Walter Marm, Jr., is all smiles as he prepares to tour Oahu by air. Makani Kai pilot Jeff Protacio is at the controls.